DONUTASTIC© Commercial Doughnut Making Machines

Donutastic® Automatic Commercial Grade Doughnut Making Machines are your best friend when it comes do producing delicious Doughnuts! Fry, Turn and dispense doughnuts of different sizes and densities easily, automatically and super fast and make profit! Our Donutastic® machines improve donut quality and reduce production costs for your business, while growing your business!!!  

DONUTASTICHigh quality, consistent and repeatable style doughnuts are produced with ease, while reducing the use of oil by up to 50% compared to standard kettle fryers!  Donutastic® Doughnut machines are fun, fast and always attract new customers for your doughnut shop, restaurant, cafe and similar businesses! Compete with the leading dougnut companies, and produce your own unique sets of doughnuts!

They are so popular and so yummy, your business will just continue to blossom! The Donutastic® donuts walks your doughnuts through an identical process each time, to produce an identical set of equally shaped and sized doughnuts! Frying time and oil temperature are super adjustable and you can always specialize your own recipes with this machine!




DONUTASTIC® Electric Doughnut Machine:

Price: $2,495.95 Plus SHIPPING




DONUTASTIC® Doughnut Machine - Gas Powered:

Price: $3,095.95 Plus SHIPPING





Our Donutastic Commercial Style Donut Making Machine can produce mini donuts and large donuts, thin or thick, with simple diameter adjustments! The diameter capacity of each donut produced can be up to 7cm, and the machine can produce 600-700 pieces per hour!

Making donuts has never been so easy!  The temperature of the donut making machine can be controlled by the temperature control system and easy timer. You can choose your production time with simple adjustments! If you are interested in purchasing our Donutastic Donut Making Machine on wholesale, we would be happy to assist you.

Our machine comes with the standard 220V/50HZ, 5000W Power Settings, but we are offering custom voltage customization, if you require any changes according to your country's power usage! Just contact us, and we will be happy to help you order a custom voltage Donutastic® machine!

Instruction Manual

Delicious Donut Recipes

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